Slow Start, but Ducks Finding Their Stride

Calm down Duck fans. Yes, I know, we’re spoiled- used to DAT running the first kick off to the house, and moving full speed ahead, crushing the opponent along the way.

It was a rough first half, but it looks like the Ducks are finding their bearings. with just under 5 minutes left in the half, the Ducks are up 31-7 and their tempo is definitely picking up.

In case you’re wondering, here are some observations that likely led to the slow start…

1. Tennessee ain’t no Nicholls State. Yes, Tennessee is at the bottom of their conference, but they are from the SEC! They aren’t the best team, but that doesn’t mean the Ducks will slaughter them without a fight.

2. That HUGE UT Nose Tackel, #45 Daniel McCullers was giving our O-line a tough time. He’s 6’8, 351 lbs- OUCH. (I wish I could eat as much as he has to) His back up however is reportedly out, so here’s hoping #45 will tire himself out soon.

4. Penalties need to be cleaned up. As has been the case this year, the Ducks are being penalized way too much. That’ll get a team every time.

5. Mariota struggled a bit passing- likely because his O-line wasn’t giving him much time. Not to mention, Tennessee’s got a decent secondary. Nonetheless, he couldn’t complete some of those earlier passes. He seems to be settling down and gaining his normal island finesse stride.

Ps. More to come on Johnny Mundt. Boy did he ever save that first quarter!

Don’t lose faith Duck Fans. We got this!

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