The 5 Things We Learned about Alabama & Texas A&M

1.       The Alabama versus Texas A&M game on September 14th, 2013 was one of the BEST football games I have ever watched.  Considering I have been watching football my entire life, that’s a lot of football games to compare!  It was everything I said it would be, “blood, sweat, tears, heavy hitting, turnovers and heaven only knows what else!” and that was absolutely accurate.

2.       Johnny Manziel is a great football player.  I have never doubted this fact and it was only confirmed with his Heisman last year but that doesn’t mean I have to always agree.  As much as I don’t think the guy is a class act, he is a great football player.  He moves under pressure like no person I have ever seen, it is truly amazing.  I wish him all the luck in the world, I am just glad he wasn’t able to beat us again.

3.      There is absolutely nothing wrong with our offensive line.  So to the naysayers, please shut up now.  Thank you. The Oline worked as a team and it was beautiful.  They did not allow a single sack while the Aggie’s blitzed over and over.  There were a few penalties called on the line and that is a bit unusual for us, however, it was not devastating and I am sure those issues will be addressed in practice.  So a big pat on the back to the Kouandjio brothers, Anthony Steen, Austin Shepherd, Ryan Kelly, Brian Vogler, and O.J. Howard from all of us here at because we always had faith in you.  You played a great game and I believe the final score showed that.  Also, a special thanks to Kenny Bell for sticking with the team and gaining the Tide a touchdown, also to DeAndrew White, Kevin Norwood, Kenyan Drake and TJ Yeldon for putting points on the board.

4.      The Alabama defense always comes through.  It was a high scoring game and because of that the defenses were getting a lot of heat.   You can never discount our defense because they always put points on the board for us, Adrian Hubbard, Jeoffrey Pagan, CJ Mosley, HaHa Clinton-Dix and Deion Belue were out for blood, they were hitting so hard and it was incredible to watch!  I can’t write this blog without mentioning Vinnie Sunseri, I have never seen a guy play with more heart.  I believe his interception run back for 73 yards really took the wind out of Texas A&M’s sails and breathed life back into the game for Bama.  I am sure he has a lot of marriage proposals from beautiful Alabama girls today, lucky guy!

5.       AJ McCarron is the master of clock management.  If there were every any doubts, you should know by now that you probably don’t ever want AJ as a boss.  J  I believe that is half the reason that we are always so successful in the 4th quarter, he knows how to speed it up or slow it down and play it like a fiddle.  The last touchdown pass to Jalston Fowler was his call, Saban said he had to trust him and he did and they scored.  He knew that the Texas A&M defense was ready for the run, because they had ran all the way down the field and then, out of nowhere, AJ calls the pass and throws it over to Fowler who walked it right in.  BEAUTIFUL!!!

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But most importantly, ROLL TIDE!

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