Rees Pieces Things Together For the Irish

Whew Notre Dame fans! What a close win! How many of you were wiping the sweat from your brow? Did you have to change your shorts? It’s ok you can tell me, I promise I won’t tell anyone.

Until the 4th quarter it wasn’t looking good for Notre Dame. Then, in the 4th quarter, the Irish came alive and scored 21 points! Rees threw 2 touchdown passes and corner Bennett Jackson (such a lovely guy) returned an interception for a TD. I also have to give big props to Kyle Brindza, who went 4/4 on extra points and 1/1 on field goals. It isn’t easy being the kicker, but Brindza makes it look good.

I also have to give huge props to Tommy Rees who didn’t throw any interceptions!! Way to go! No IK for him this week! Rees also averaged 9.4 yards a pass, that’s awesome!

Another thing I liked was that ND only had 3 penalties for 23 yards. It’d be nice if there were no penalties, but we try to be realistic here at gridirongirl and we know sometimes you just gotta hold a guy so he doesn’t get to your QB or you have to commit pass interference to prevent the big play. 23 yards isn’t bad Irish, not bad at all.

The bad news: We went down one spot in the Idiot Polls to #22. I hope the BCS chokes on their hot dogs.

An ugly win is still a win right? I don’t know if we’ll get away with a hurry up 4th quarter win next week when we play the stupid Spartans. Ya I said it! They’re one of our biggest rivals and I really don’t like them. Come on ND, blow those Spartans out!

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