That Was a Close One, South Carolina vs. Vandy

Although the Gamecocks did win on Saturday, 35-25 against Vanderbilt, it was still a very close call towards the end. Vandy almost came back for the win, but the gamecocks held their ground. Conner Shaw threw for three possible touchdowns in the first quarter, leading Nick Jones, Mike Davis, and Dylan Thompson for a Touchdown each. Starting off the second quarter, 21-0, the gamecocks went for another touchdown and scored, with a pass from Shaw and touchdown by Bruce Ellington, leading the cocks 28-0. after the half the score was 28-10, and of course the gamecocks come back for another touchdown by Brandon Wilds and pass by Shaw, making the score 35-10. Ending the game with Vandy coming back for a fight by racking in two touchdowns in the fourth, the gamecocks held the defense and closed the game 35-25.

Clowney wasn’t at the stop of his game due to the spurs in his feet, but even when he was on the field, the Commodores tried to stay away from the All-American defensive end. This is the same tactic that UGA had used the weekend before against Carolina. Clowney wasn’t surprised to see them react this way but he was glad that his teammates there and ready to take on the Commodores offense. Now that Carolina will have the weekend off with a bye-week, Clowney has time to rest along with the rest of the Gamecocks.

Steve Spurrier told ESPN after the game Saturday, “This might’ve been the best we’ve looked on offense since I’ve been here, in the first quarter anyways and then it started slowing down a little, but we’ll learn from it and try and see what kind of team we’re going to be this year.”

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