Wild Wild West- ASU vs. Wisconsin

One of the most bizarre college football game finishes in recent memory took place in Arizona at the Arizona State / Wisconsin game.

The Sun Devils (2-0) beat No. 20 Wisconsin (2-1) 32-30 last Saturday night in front of 66,155 fans at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe. It was a back-and-forth duel in the desert, and one that ended in a big win for the Sun Devils.See the crazy game end moments here.

After a first down completion, Wisconsin had possession at the Sun Devils 13-yard line with only 18 seconds left in the game. The Badgers needed a field goal to overcome a 32-30 deficit. Chaos follows when Badger QB Joel Stave bounced up too quickly and set the ball down on the ground. Although officials blew whistles immediately after, Sun Devil linebacker, Anthony Jones jumped on the ball with 13 seconds left. Jones stayed on the ball until only four seconds remained in the game. Confusion by players and officials caused the clock to run out. Confusion created by Stave when he placed the ball down on the ground rather than giving it to an official.

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