7 Things We Learned From Texas A&M vs. Alabama


Johnny Manziel is the real deal.  Something Aggies have known all along. Despite the media outlets trying to bring him down personally, he has come out and shown that nothing is going to slow him down.  He threw for a school record 464 yards (breaking his previous school record) with 5 touchdowns. He also ran for another 98. Nick Saban spent the whole off-season getting his team prepared to stop him – and they couldn’t. He is unstoppable.

His former coach, Kingsbury, even commented on his performance: “I’ve said it all along, he’s the best player in the country, and he showed it once again.”

Mike Evans is a beast.  We are talking about a guy who didn’t play football until his senior season of high school.  After red-shirting, he became a 2012 Freshman All-SEC selection last year.  His Alabama game performance has just solidified his status at what should be considered the best receiver in the nation. During Alabama, he had 7 catches for 279 yards – against the #1 team in the Nation. In the first 3 games, he averaged 172.6 receiving yards.

The A&M offense could be the best ever.  The 562 yards of offense put up against ‘Bama is the highest in the history of their football program.  The wide receivers, led by Evans, is a threat to all defenses.  The Running back combos of Ben Malena, Tra Carson, Brandon Williams and Trey Williams will punch through the toughest lines.  Oh, and then there’s that QB leading them.  They are an exciting group to watch.

We still have the best student section in the country. The 12th man did us proud.  Alabama OT Cyrus Kouandijo said, “Their crowd was the loudest crowd I’ve ever seen.”   Reports are coming from all over of Alabama fans talking about the noise level at Kyle being intense.  And about that Aggie spirit we pride ourselves on – it was rampant Saturday.  ‘Bama fans everywhere were commenting to me how nice everyone was here.  I spent a good 10 minutes talking to a group of 5 of them at the Dixie Chicken Friday night and they all said this had been the best road trip they’d been on.  Aggies are gracious hosts as most ‘Bama fans found out over the weekend.

We need to figure out a way to keep ESPN’s Gameday from ever coming here again!  We are recently 0-4 when they visit campus.  Quit coming to Aggieland!!!

As I said before, Coach Jackson has these boys in shape.  It was HOT outside, really hot. Whoever schedules 2:30 games for teams in Texas has never had to sit (or stand, in our case) through one of those games.  But the Ags played 4 quarters of full-speed football and they looked great physically.  Alabama players were heading to the locker room for IV’s and our boys stood strong.  Coach Jackson is a key component to the Aggies being successful on the field.

The most important take away?  They didn’t quit.  They didn’t give up. They fought hard to the last 15 seconds of the game.  There were about 2-3 plays that, had they gone differently, would have allowed the Ags to win.  2-3 plays vs. the #1 team in the country.   I’ll take that.



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