Fantasy Football 101: Picking Your RB

This week’s edition of fantasy football tips won’t be as long as last weeks. Hopefully. I guess you never know with me, my Mom says when I was little I used to talk just to hear the sound of my own voice. I wonder if my writing is the same? Wow I got way off track there. So back to fantasy football.

This week’s fantasy football leader was Aaron Rodgers so congratulations to everyone who drafted him! We won’t focus on him though because this week our focus is the running back.

My tips for drafting a running back are pretty much the same for any player: make sure he isn’t’ injury prone, make sure he’s a starter, and make sure he doesn’t fumble the ball. That last one is key because you get minus points if your running back loses a fumble. I’m going to use two examples for this week.

The first one is going to be the highest point garnering running back for week 2 and the second is going to be a running back that fumbled and lost the ball. I want you to get a scope of the scoring system.

Our first example was the highest scoring running back this week, Marshawn Lynch from the Seahawks.

The NFL scoring settings for a RB are:

Rushing Yards: 1 point per 10 yards

Rushing Touchdowns: 6 points

Receiving Yards: 1 point per 10 yards

Receiving Touchdowns: 6 points

Fumbles Lost: -2 points

His stats were:

98 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD, 37 receiving yards, 1 receiving TD, and no fumbles lost.

9.8 (98/10 for his rushing yards) + 12 (two rushing TDs) + 3.7 (37/10 for his receiving yards) + 6 (receiving TD) = 31.5

Hopefully that made sense to you. The NFL allows fractional points, which is why we have 9.8 and 3.7.

Our second example is Matt Forte, who is an exceptional running back but unfortunately this week he lost a fumble.

His stats were:

90 rushing yards, 71 receiving yards, and 1 lost fumble.

9 (90/10) + 7.1 (71 receiving yards) – 2 = 14.1

Do you see how it works when you have to minus points? Imagine if the RB were to lose more than one fumble? Or didn’t have as many rushing or receiving yards, you might end up with a player that garnered you negative points for the week. That’s why it’s important to do your research before drafting a player. Look at how many lost fumbles he had last season and you should be able to tell what kind of player he is. Also look at the last couple of years to see if he has had trouble with injuries, then you’ll be able to tell if he is an injury prone player.

If you didn’t read last week’s tips on the QB in fantasy football and how his position is scored, go check it out! Stay tuned for next week where I’ll go over the wide receiver.

Hopefully I didn’t confuse the heck out of you guys. If I did you can tweet me @PatsFanGirl12 with all of your questions or comments.

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