What We Learned From NFL Week 2

The Jets are hot headed.

Patriots’ wide receivers need hands that can actually catch the ball.

Brandon Merriweather can’t tackle without hurting somebody.

Christian Ponder still can’t win a game.

You can’t trust video game marketing when they say a certain QB will shave his eyebrows after another certain QB wins the game. Bogus!

Peyton is better than Eli (I think we all already knew that).

The Ravens can win a game with all the new people.

Philip Rivers can win a game.

Jay Cutler is capable of not whining. Who knew?

RGIII isn’t as good as everybody thought he was (I’ve been saying that for awhile by the way).

The Jaguars are again one of the worst teams in the NFL.

Surprisingly, so are the Steelers.

And the Browns.

And the Panthers, Vikings, Giants, Bucs, and Redskins. That’s a lot of 0-2 teams.

The Buccaneers like to give yards away like parade candy.

The Chiefs are 2-0, which are as many wins as they had ALL of last season. Don’t lose the rest of ‘em guys.

Dashon Goldson is Suh’s long lost brother. He was suspended one game for his hit on NO RB Darren Sproles, it is Goldson’s 5th unnecessary roughness violation since 2011. Where is his $100,000 fine?

Schiano needs to get control of his team.

There you have it- my assessment of NFL week 2. Tune in next week so we can make fun of more people and teams together! (It’s all in good fun right?)

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