Georgia Preps for Mean Green in Athens

After a long bye week Georgia is ready to take the field against the Mean Green of North Texas University this Saturday.

The big question of the week is: Will this game be taken seriously with LSU just around the corner? Will the Bulldogs overlook this game on the way to another large conference match? The answer is- Yes, they will be focusing on this week.

The issue with smaller schools like North Texas coming into Athens is the level of seriousness that accompanies the game. The non-conference match-up will be a good game for players to prove themselves and prove that they want to be on the field at all costs and that includes getting as much playing time as possible.

According to Mark Richt, there might be a possibility of seeing quarterback Hutson Mason on the field against the Mean Green. While Mason is ready to see some playing time, senior quarterback, Arron Murray, will be going to his 100th  career touchdown pass this weekend.

But back to these Mean Green players coming into Athens. The North Texas squad is led by Coach McCarney, who coached a national championship team with Urban Meyer at Florida.

Saying that, the man knows his football and has had success at his time at North Texas. But if anything has taught all football fans alike a lesson it is: Never underestimate an opponent ever. No matter the conference, the level of seniority, or the location of the game. Play your game and play it well. Nothing would make an underdog team happier than to pull an upset.

Georgia had the week off and I’m sure caught the near upset of Akron over “Big Blue” Michigan 28-24. Plus North Texas has already faced a strong opponent in Ohio this season. North Texas is going to be out for a big win. It is Georgia’s objective to protect their ground and use this Saturday’s game as a way to work out all the kinks in their game.

The Bulldogs need to take full advantage of a break between Top 10 ranked teams and SEC opponents to tighten up all possible loose bolts, turning into a well oiled machine.

Just because it’s not a high pressure game doesn’t mean it’s any less valuable. A win is a win and Georgia needs to collect a win.

This week needs to be all about hard work and keeping their nose to the grind. Every player’s game can improve and be strengthened so why not take the opportunity to work that much harder.

Hunker down you hairy dawg.

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