Get to Grillin'!

On the occasion your team is having a night game, snacky game day food is probably not going to cut it.  You are going to have to serve dinner.  You say “But the game is on!  I don’t want to be stuck preparing food the whole time!”  No worries, here is a quick dinner idea that you can prepare the night before and just throw on the grill either at home or at your tailgate just before game time.  This is so quick, you could even prepare it and eat during halftime!

Pork & Pepper Kabobs

1 lb pork tenderloin

1 whole bell pepper

1 whole red pepper

1 whole yellow pepper

1 whole red onion

Landry’s Teriyaki Marinade

Salt and Pepper


Prepare your pork loin hours before by cutting the loin into 2×2 inch pieces.  Put these on a cookie sheet.  Coat with salt, pepper and the Teriyaki marinade.  Put in an air tight container in the refrigerator or cooler until you are ready to assemble your kabobs.  Chop your peppers and onions.  Be sure if you are using wooden kabob sticks to soak them in water.  When you are ready to assemble your kabobs, start with a pepper and then a piece of meat and put about 3 pieces of meat on each stick, this works best.  Heat your grill to high heat.  Cook the kabobs about 5 minutes on each side.  Serve immediately.

*You can substitute the pork for steak or chicken and the peppers and onions for veggies like squash or zucchini.

Would you like more vegetables, maybe another side to go with your kabobs, no problem!  Your grill master gridirongirls have you covered.  This dish whips up and cooks in 15 minutes flat!

Grilled Asparagus

½ pound of fresh asparagus

Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper


Snip the ends of the asparagus off.  In a shallow baking dish, line up the asparagus and sprinkle with olive oil.  Dust lightly with salt and pepper.  Put this on the middle rack of your grill while your meat cooks on the bottom rack.  Grill for 10 minutes, serve warm.

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