ND vs. Michigan State: 5 Dos and Don’ts

Notre Dame is coming off the road and is preparing to play Michigan State on Saturday. Last week was a nail biter, but we pulled out the win. In order for ND to stay in the top 25 of the Idiot Polls they HAVE to win on Saturday.

After doing a little research on Michigan State, I have come to the conclusion that their schedule has been cake so far and therefore hasn’t offered any real tips on how ND can handle Michigan State. With that said, these 5 dos and don’ts are things that no matter whom we’re playing it will help us win.

Without further ado here are my 5 tips on how ND can beat Michigan State:

1. DON’T turnover the ball.

This speaks for itself. Don’t give the other team more opportunities to score then they’ll already get.

2. DON’T burn timeouts because of confusion.

In our loss against Michigan there was a play where the defense was inordinately confused and the result was that Coach Kelly had to take a timeout so he could straighten the guys out.

3. DO get pressure on the QB.

In both the Michigan and Purdue games ND allowed a total of 550 passing yards and 7 passing TDs. In order for ND to win they HAVE to get more pressure on the QB and force the bad throws, the throwaways, and the INTs.

4. DO run the ball effectively.

In the last two weeks ND only had a total of a little over 90 rushing yards in each game. If ND isn’t running the ball effectively it puts WAY too much pressure on T. Rees and the passing game. You can’t have a lopsided offense like that; it makes it way too easy for the opponent’s defense to stop you.

Last but not least…

5. DO play ND football. When ND plays the way we all know they can, they are explosive, fun to watch, and they win.

Can’t wait for Saturday! Tune in to NBC at 3:30 ET for the game.

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