What Did WVU Learn Last Week? Was it Enough to Beat the Terps?

Ok, class, let’s review what we learned in WVU’s match-up against the Georgia State Panthers:

  1. We have a quarterback! I think after Childress’s performance on Saturday, it’s safe to say he is our new starting quarterback. Childress set a school record for passing yards by a freshman and led WVU to a decisive 41-7 victory over the Panthers. And this may or may not be relevant to your interests, but he’s a cutie-pie (think Tag from Friends).
  2. We definitely had something that looked suspiciously like an offense show up to the game. I don’t want to get too excited, because there are still many problems (Childress got sacked a few times, White dropped a pass in the end zone, Sims got a chop block penalty, to name just a few), but I see improvement. We still need to work on tempo a bit, but I think the new offensive line will find their chemistry with time.
  3. The defense continues to improve -especially Kwiatkoski who seems to have a special talent for forcing fumbles.

Is it enough to win against the Maryland Terrapins? Well, let’s not get carried away.

  • WVU has won the last seven match-ups between these two teams, but they did give us some trouble last year… last year when we had a much better offense.
  • Maryland hasn’t lost a game yet this year, and we are playing them in Baltimore. I think plenty of Mountaineer fans will travel to Baltimore, but it won’t have the energy of a home game by any stretch of the imagination.
  • I’m not sure the WVU defense can handle Maryland WR Stefon Diggs. I found all of that ball catching and running into the end zone he did against us last year quite vexing, and so far this season he already has 387 yards (and 16 catches).

I think overall it will be a fairly close game, but Maryland will come out on top in the end. Sadly, twitter will be spared my in-game rants and exclamations of dismay as I will likely be at a local Fall Festival on Saturday afternoon. I love me some football, but I also like eating fried fair foods, walking around in the sunshine, and letting my child ride shoddily constructed carnival rides. Ok, one of those things isn’t true.

Let’s Go………. Mountaineers!

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