Goin' for 3

Well, I’m a little behind the 8 ball this week in writing this, so let’s hope the Beavers are a little more prepared when they walk into San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium this afternoon to play in front of a potential crowd of 71,500.

Last week, as y’all know by now, the Beavs squeaked out an overtime win by the skin of their little buck teeth. Despite the fact that our defense almost gave the whole thing away in the second half, they did manage to come up with something they didn’t against EWU–a stop at the end of the game when they needed it most, which was huge psychologically for the team as a whole. Was it pretty? No. Was it some progress? Yes. Is there still much work to be done on defense for them to get back to where they were a year ago? Ooohhh yeah. ‘Nuff said.

The offense, or more specifically our quarterback and receivers, continue to shock, awe and amaze. Who is this team and what did they do with our offense from last season, you may ask? I don’t know, but I will take it. Sean Mannion has only thrown one interception in three games, and don’t look now, but is LEADING THE COUNTRY for touchdown passes this season and is second in the nation in average yards per game at 412. Then there’s his little pass completion rate which is, oh, 73%. That might not sound very good to those of you who might be comparing that percentage to a score on a test, but in football quarterback world his pass completion record right now is somewhere in the realm of phenomenal. Sean Mannion was not only awarded the Pac 12 Player of the Week Award for quarterback last week, but also beat out seven other quarterbacks in the country, including Mr. Johnny “Football” Manziel, for the Manning Award, which was voted on through the All State Sugar Bowl’s Facebook page. That’s right, our little Beaver, ladies and gentlemen.

One can’t be remiss in also giving Brandin Cooks, who had over 200 receiving yards last week and also is one of the top receivers in the country right now, a shout out, along with the rest of the receiving team including Richard Mullaney who continues to look better and better. We have so many guys catching the ball right now, it is awesome, and thank God, because we still can’t seem to run the ball to save our life, which makes me feel really bad for our running backs because they have so much talent. Our total rushing yards actually went down last game which didn’t seem possible, and we really need our offensive line to step up today and start making holes for Ward, who will be starting, since Storm Woods is out recovering from the knock-out concussion he received last week that gave us all quite a scare.

Luckily for us, San Diego State is not far behind us in the yards-per-game rushing category as they have less than 200 yards in the two games they’ve played thus far and have struggled on the ground as well. They are very similar to us in that they have a great running back who ran for almost 1500 yds. last season, but hasn’t been able to get anything going thus far this year. Despite the fact that SDSU had a winning season last year, they have lost their first two games so far this season and are really going to be trying to get something going against us today. That is good for us from a psychological perspective coming off our huge away win last week.

We will see how it goes today, but I am feeling optimistic. If we continue to get better on defense each game and can get our run game going, we could be a threat. We just need all parts of our game firing. Two down in the ‘W’ column, Beaver fans, and let’s hope the next time I’m typin’ at ya it’ll be three. Go Beavs!!!!

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