A Win is a Win

A Win is a Win

You hear that phrase a lot and some people think it’s an excuse.  It’s not, it’s a valid statement.  Here we go again with the spoiled Alabama fans thinking every game should be a shutout.  Contrary to what these people may believe, teams playing Alabama are bringing their A game, pulling out all stops, trick plays and all lethal players.  Why?  Because Alabama is the number one team in the nation and has been for some time, so they walk around daily with a big target on their backs.  It is no wonder to me that most of the time, our defense has their hands full.

Speaking of defense, this group of guys was fired UP!  Vinnie Sunseri had a first quarter sack that resulted in our first touchdown by Kenyan Drake.  Later on, Kenyan Drake got in one heck of a block on special teams that allowed Dillon Lee to make a touchdown.  Not to be outdone, Landon Collins and Adrian Hubbard helped CJ Mosley pave the way to keeping the Colorado State Rams completely scoreless in the first half. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t even until the 3rd quarter that the Bama defense even allowed the Ram offense to cross mid field!!!  There, they were able to get a field goal or two, but as always by the time the 4th quarter rolled around, it was all Crimson Tide once again.  DeAndrew White scored the first 4th quarter touchdown.  Before the 4th quarter came to a close, AJ McCarron got to take a break and Blake Sims came in to relieve him on quarterback duty.  With less than two minutes to go in the game, Blake Sims hits Chris Black for the touchdown that sealed the deal on the Tide win.

Not every win is beautiful, but every win is a win.  If you think for a second that Alabama football has ever been ANY different, you haven’t been watching Alabama football.  It makes no matter to me who scores the points, as long as it’s the boys in Crimson.

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But most importantly, ROLL TIDE!

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