Four Down Look at Georgia Against the Mean Green

What a surprising match up between North Texas and the Georgia Bulldogs.  I had anticipated a fairly decent game but my expectations were thrown for a loop on this game.  Georgia claims a 45-21 final on a rainy Saturday in Athens.


Here are my four downs for this game:

  1. Never underestimate your opponent. Even though the Mean Green earned just under a cool million for their trip to Athens, they were looking for more than just the check. Picked off in the end zone, blocked punts, and recovered fumbles—North Texas is cashing in on Georgia big time.  But luckily, a few adjustments in play action throughout the match allowed for only pocket change.
  2. It is possible to play in rain: it just needs to go away. Rain is just one of the unpredictable elements about football along with the traditional issues of will my wide receiver catch my pass or should I really throw it into a pack of green helmets? Those are both tough catching situations. But at the start of the second half, the skies opened up and it has yet to let up at all. The field at Sanford is only a few more downs from becoming a slip-n-slide. Both quarterbacks have already had their fun and sliding to gain some yards and protect themselves.
  3. Murray collected his 100th career touchdown pass and a few extra: Murray joined an elite club of 100-touchdown passes. He only needs 13 complete touchdown passes to earn the No.1 spot. Best news? It’s only week four and there’s still plenty of time to make his mark on Georgia that much bolder.
  4. Looking ahead can cause slack effort: even with a win over South Carolina, a bye week, and a small school opponent before a large SEC battle between LSU.  The North Texas Mean Green were just a stop along the way, but most Georgia fans were holding their breath and screaming at their television watching the Mean Green tie up the game in the beginning of the third quarter.  With LSU on the horizon, let’s hope the late game Dawgs show up early.  Defense showed out very strong but the special teams could use some tweaking in the weeks ahead.


And a bonus feature: No. 81 Reggie Davis showed out exceptionally this game, collecting the longest touchdown run in school history for 98-yards.

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