We Almost Lost The Megaphone

The megaphone trophy is the prize in the ND – Michigan State rivalry. The trophy dates back to 1949. One side is blue for the Irish and the other side is green for the Spartans. Overall the series favors the Irish (ya baby!)

So we almost didn’t pull this win off and let me tell you I would have been one upset Irish fan if we would have lost. I would have been like cuss words cuss words I can’t believe it cuss words cuss words!

So let’s recap my 5 dos and don’ts and see if they listened. I left a message for Brian Kelly letting him know my strategy, I’m just not sure if he got my message.


Don’t turnover the ball – check! No turnovers for the Irish on Saturday. Way to go us!

Don’t burn timeouts because of confusion – check! They seemed a lot better with the timeout thing this time around.

Do get pressure on the QB – check! This was much better this game. Michigan State had 3 guys passing. The first one was 16/32 for 135 yards and 1 TD. The 2nd was 0/3 and the 3rd was 0/1 with an INT. So much better than allowing 4 passing TDs. Way to go defense!

Do run the ball effectively – not so much. We’re still not doing well on rushing. We had a total of 78 rushing yards in the game against Michigan State. It has to get better. That is way too much pressure on Rees and it makes us way too vulnerable to defenses.

Do play ND football. When ND plays the way we all know they can, they are explosive, fun to watch, and they win – ND still seemed a little unsettled in this game. I’m hoping they can settle down and find their stride. Once they do I think this team is going to be a real threat.

Watch out for my pregame post on Oklahoma. This is going to be a big game for ND. Oklahoma is ranked 14th and it’s going to be a tough game. Hopefully we can pull out the win.

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