What We Learned From NFL Week 3

Jay Cutler is capable of going an entire game without crying or throwing an interception.

Philly fans are pretty classy. They cheered Reid when he made his coaching return to Philly Thursday night when his KC Chiefs played the Eagles.

The Giants can’t score. At all. In 60 minutes of football against the Panthers whose defense so far has allowed an average of 12 points per game.

Rashad Johnson can play with part of his finger missing.

The Jaguars still can’t win a game this season.

Neither can the Giants.

Or the Steelers.

Or the Vikings and Buccaneers. That’s still a lot of 0-3 teams.

Christian Ponder is a fantasy football nightmare after throwing an INT and losing a fumble.

The Lions can beat the Redskins away from home. The last time they did that it was 1939 and gas cost 10 cents a gallon.

Yep, I still hate the Saints.

Geno Smith doesn’t know which receivers he’s supposed to throw to. He has 6 INTs so far this season. Psst…they’re the ones in green and white.

Fans are fickle.

The Chargers are terrible at playing hot potato…and football.

Miami is 3-0 for the first time since 2002. Quick Dolphins fans – find some wood to knock on!

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