Mettenberger Geauxs Back To Georgia

Woah! Before you start to freak out, you have to remember where our very own Mettenberger got his start in college football. You may not know it yet, but Zach began his college career in Athens, Georgia. While the reasons he left are far from favorable, he wound up in the grasp of our favorite team and has since led us to a few pretty successful seasons so who are we to judge?

Fun fact for ya, our QB’s mama is still employed by the UGA Bulldawgs as an administrative assistant for the football team’s head coach, Mark Richt, but has earned herself a week off to watch her beloved son face off with his own former teammates.

There was a point in his career when Mettenberger was working his tail off at practice alongside fellow redshirting freshman Aaron Murray in 2009. In 2010, Murray became, and is still, Georgia’s current starting quarterback which makes this match-up the one to see.

Watching two of the top ranked SEC teams face off will be the highlight of my week, and a win for LSU will be the highlight of my month!

LSU’s “battering ram” Jeremy Hill is a fridge with feet and facing up against Gurley will make for an interesting game for the two teams, who both bank on their offenses scoring points.

LSU’s offense has improved vastly in the past four weeks, especially our beloved Zach Mettenberger, who has thrived and flourished under the watchful eye of LSU’s new offensive coordinator, Cam Cameron. The Tigahs are expected to blast through Georgia’s defense with no real problem, however the Tigah’s defense may need to step up their game and work well together to prevent Georgia’s key player, Gurley, from getting through to respond to those LSU points.

LSU converts on third downs nearly 20% more than Georgia does, and it should be something we all keep an eye on: who converts more in this game. Not only that, we should also be monitoring with great attention Aaron Murray’s rhythm. Murray has a strong rhythm and banks on that to get his team into the end zone, while LSU’s offense is a little less rhythmic. However, if LSU can disrupt Georgia’s beloved rhythm the win should fall into our paws easier than expected.

So whether or not you knew about Mettenberger’s past and his roots being in Georgia, you love him or hate him as LSU’s QB, or you watch the game this Saturday, you better believe I’ll be back next week with bragging rights if we conquer this big opponent! I have quite a bit riding on this game – a tattoo bet was placed with me banking on LSU’s win so I’m a little more invested here than usual. However, the passion and fire I have for LSU will not be put out even if the win lands on Georgia’s side.

As always keep loving purple and living gold, and forgive my absence for the past 12 days. You know I’m back and ready for more action after a few big wins against a couple smaller teams, and one win against our first SEC match-up against Auburn last week.

See you on Sunday, win or lose, to talk about some LSU lovin’.

Geaux Tigahs!

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