Georgia Gears up for LSU Tigers

Looking ahead to week 5 and a massive match-up against No. 6 LSU: it will take an all out fight to bring home a win.

The Georgia Bulldogs are going to need to rock Sanford Stadium from kickoff to the last snap on Saturday. This game could predict where Georgia will fall with their future hopes for BCS Championship eligibility.

But let’s hold off on the crystal ball and just look at what’s going on in preparation for the Dawgs and Tigers.

First, ESPN and College GameDay cannot get enough of Georgia. They loaded their trucks and should be arriving in Athens on Wednesday to set up camp for the next few days. This is a mighty tender topic for Georgia fans, as our record with the GameDay Crew is not a pretty one.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a positive turn out and adding a W to the unbalanced GameDay record column of 3-12.

Another fascinating tidbit that’s been running rampant, former UGA player and Aaron Murray roommate, Zach Mettenberger, will be back in Athens for the game. It will be a reunion for the former teammates as they face off against each other. As if that wasn’t an odd enough situation, Tammy Mettenberger, Zach’s mom, works as an administrative assistant in the football office.   Funny how life works, right?  For those that don’t know the back story, Ms. Mettenberger has worked in the office since Zach was young. For Zach, having grown up around the Bulldog nation, committing to Georgia was the ideal path. However, he was released back in 2010 and made his way to a junior college where he excelled, then reemerged at LSU. Zach made great strides to get back to his game and will challenge his former commit.

This week’s game will be BIG Bulldog fans. The road hasn’t been easy so far, and Georgia will need to continue its fight. This week needs to hurry by because 3:30 pm Saturday needs to be here NOW!

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