#2 Roundup, Week 5 NCAA Games to Watch

Is it Week 5 already? Bless me, but the season seems to be rocketing past. This week our beloved ‘Horns have a bye. Next week they head out on the road to face Iowa State at home, on Thursday. Just because Texas is off, there is no need for your eyeballs to go unnourished by the healing juices of college football. Let’s talk about our #2s!

Oh, folks, there’s some great hate-watching this week. I’ll get to that in a minute. Schedules are found at ESPN.com, and all times listed are Eastern. We can all count backward, unless you’re overseas, then you can count forward.

  • The Cal Golden Bears come to Eugene to face the #2 Oregon Ducks in their first conference game of the season. Game time is 10:30 p.m., Pac-12 Network. There is plenty of buzz this week about Marcus Mariota moving up in the Heisman race, as well he should. Oregon is always a fun team to watch. This game will begin conference play for the Ducks, on the way to the rematch with Stanford. Look for Cal to play well, but Oregon to come away with the W.
  • #11 Oklahoma State travels to West Virginia. 12:00 noon on ESPN. Two Big 12 teams squaring off in conference play. Texas fans should check out this game for a preview of each team, to see what we can expect. Okie State continues to impress, despite the recent ruckus over misconduct allegations raised by former players. West Virginia is rebuilding after losing Geno Smith and others to the NFL and graduation. Expect Okie State to pull it out, but it will be worth watching these future opponents to gin up some fear or excitement, depending!
  • #6 LSU travels to #9 Georgia, 3:30 p.m. on CBS. This is a possible hate-watch for many folks. Both are undefeated in conference play, and as we know, one win in the SEC is like 10 wins for us muggles. Both teams have title dreams. Georgia booked several tough opponents to start the season, and even though they fell to Clemson they’re still in the top 10. Because, SEC. I’ll just quote from the ESPN game “Preview,” for your reading enjoyment: “’If you have a chance to win the SEC, you pretty much know every game has national championship implications,’ (Georgia) tight end Arthur Lynch said.” Right. I think I’ve got it. The title game is always (at least) one SEC team + some team from another, unimportant conference. OK. Yeah.
  • #14 Oklahoma travels to South Bend to take on #22 Notre Dame, 3:30 p.m., NBC. Oh my. With all due respect to my homie, ND blogger Erica Anderson, this is a hate-watch extraordinaire. The Swooners are all swagger, during what should be a rebuilding year for them. Perhaps ND can take them down a peg?

i hope both teams lose

  • #21 Ole Miss travels to Tuscaloosa to get crushed by meet #1 Alabama, 6:30 p.m., ESPN. I suppose Ole Miss, with its gold-plated recruiting class, might have a chance against Alabama. At home. After all, the Tide had a lackluster game last week. However, I expect them to pull it out. And, since this is two SEC teams, whoever loses actually wins, using the bizarre SEC laws of football physics.
  • #10 Texas A&M travels to Arkansas to take on the unranked Razorbacks, 7:00 p.m., ESPN2. I’m not even sure I need to say anything more. All that nonsense in one place. My mind is boggled. Bring on the plastic pig hats vs. the dead dog worshippers! Watch for the entertainment value alone. Viz. Grumpy Cat, above.

While my list is certainly not exhaustive, it’s an example of what’s out there for your football consumption this weekend. Spread out, find a #2, and get your football on.

Until next time, Hook ‘em!

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