5 Reasons to Stay Awake for Oregon vs. Cal

Good morning Duck fans! There’s nothing better than Saturdays in the fall. If nothing else, it’s a great excuse to put those house projects on hold, make some comfort food and plant it on the couch all day right? Well, unless you are super motivated. . .and diet conscious. For the rest of us, sit on down and grab the remote!

In anticipation for the very late Oregon vs. Cal kickoff (7:30pm PT), I’ve prepared a list of things to keep those sleepy eyes on tonight. If you’ll be at the game, don’t worry, you won’t be sleepy, you’ll just be soaked. Oh wait! Just kidding. It never rains at Autzen Stadium, but just in case this ends up being the first time, don’t forget several layers of clothes, a poncho, and some cute rubber boots. If you need some fashion inspiration, add a poncho to this:

Get the look: Oregon Hoodies by New Reign Gear 100.00. Rain Boots by FansEdge

Get the look: Oregon Hoodies by New Reign Gear 100.00. Rain Boots by FansEdge

Now that we have fashion out of the way, let’s talk football.

Tonight marks the first Pac 12 match-up for the Ducks. They’ve played some decent teams this year, but the Pac 12 generally brings a bigger challenge for the Ducks. I’m about 99% sure our guys will be just fine, but there are a few things to keep a close eye on tonight.

1. Cal QB, Jared Goff. The true-freshman (that means he was playing high school football just last year), has shown tremendous talent so far this season. He’s sitting at the top of the Pac in passing yardage, which means the kid can THROW and his receivers can CATCH. It all sounds a little scary, until you consider #2 and #3.

2. Oregon’s own QB, Marcus Super Mariota. Mariota is sitting just slightly below Goff at the top of the Pac. PLUS he can also RUN. Couple that with an at-home advantage and a pretty weak Cal Secondary and I think Mariota steals the show. Watch how Mariota handles his usual early game jitters this game and how quickly he loosens up. My advice: Keep the faith. He always finds that island finesse.

3. Oregon’s Secondary is ready to go. Last week, Cal was able to score 34 points before losing 52-34 to Ohio State, who was #4 in the Nation. Considering that score, Duck fans may be expecting a closer game than normal, but don’t fret. Ohio’s secondary had some issues and doesn’t compare to Oregon’s crazy fast and talented pass defenders. Expect at least a couple interceptions tonight.

4. Rain, wind, and more rain. As of right now, the forecast for tonight is:





Don’t believe me, I have video to prove it…(no really, I filmed my first pre-game video for you all. Please no laughing, my 7 year old was the director).

This is where the poncho or 2, or 5 will come in handy. Unfortunately the players will have to tough it out and so will the pig skin. The elements could definitely throw things off a little… literally. Fortunately, this could help the Ducks. Allow me to explain.

The wind and rain could really interfere with the passing game on both sides. If that’s the case, the game could come down to the better run game- enter DAT and Marshall. These two kids will quite possibly being singing in the rain.

5. There’s always snacks. If all else fails, and you’re still sleepy at half-time, grab a little late-night chips and dip or one of these yummy recipes! Calories don’t count when you’re watching football. I promise.

By the way, don’t forget to cheer a little louder for Wide Receiver, Josh Huff, tonight. If you read this week’s article in The Oregonian,  you know why!

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  1. Nichole! You are awesome! I love your writing! 🙂 I will definitely keep you points in mind, especially the calorie count, or uh, no count, tonight ! 🙂

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