What?!? 15 Yard Penalty For Losing a Helmet

I’m watching my Irish get beat by the Sooners and let me tell you it’s loud in my house. That isn’t the reason I’m posting however. Don’t you feel relieved?

Anyway, what I am here to write about is #96 for ND getting a personal foul penalty. Watching the play you couldn’t really pinpoint anything he did wrong. Except this: His helmet came off. Yes, ladies his helmet came off.

Player safety is being greatly stressed this year as evidenced by the new targeting call. If a player’s helmet comes off he needs to IMMEDIATELY stop participating. If he continues to participate, he will get a 15 yard penalty. That’s a lot of yards. It’s a game changer.

Regardless of whether you agree with the rule, it’s a rule, which means you listen to and obey it. And you don’t for the love of football, KEEP PARTICIPATING IN THE GAME!! The NCAA official rule is this:

Loss of Helmet During Play. If a player loses his helmet (other than as the result of a foul by the opponent, like a facemask), it will be treated like an injury. The player must leave the game and is not allowed to participate for the next play. Current injury timeout rules guard against using this rule to gain an advantage from stopping the clock. Additionally, if a player loses his helmet, he cannot continue to participate in the play (in order to protect him from injury). Data collected during the 2011 season indicated that helmets came off more than two times per game.” 

There you have it ladies. My explanation of what the heck the helmet coming off means for active play.

Oh and ND fans, I’m frustrated right along with you. Tweet me if you want some sad company @PatsFanGirl12

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