Ducks Singing in the Autzen Reign

When the forecast said “rain”, they sure were’t kidding. Autzen has essentially lived through a monsoon in the first half, but apparently the Ducks didn’t get that memo. Despite both teams turning the ball over multiple times in the first quarter, the Ducks go into the second half up 41-3.

Despite the all the rain, wind and splish-splashing on the field, the Ducks have managed to maintain their typical fast-paced spread accompanied by a solid run and pass game. The only bad news: De’Anthony Thomas hobbled off the field in the first quarter and hasn’t returned to the game. He’s now on crutches. Let’s hope it’s just precautionary.

As the Ducks return from the locker room up, much of Autzen’s faithful have headed to the warm and dry comforts of their own homes. I’m not sure anyone blames them this one time. Mad props to the ones who have stayed.

1st Half Heroes

Byron Marshall, RB
Carryimg much of the load for a missing DAT, Marshall has racked up over 100 yards and a couple of touchdowns. Yes, I am feeling a little bit smart for predicting that one. *Pats herself on the back*

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