The Red Out Worked…

What an insane battle between the hedges! I was there front row (okay, it was the 11th ) but my gracious it was an amazing experience. It was almost hard to take in everything that was happening at Sanford.

The atmosphere was unlike anything I’ve experienced in a while. The call from Mark Richt for all fans to wear red, come out early, and be loud to support the Dawgs was answered. Tailgaters were out in full swing and the College GameDay set was one of the rowdiest crowds to date.

Speaking of College GameDay, Georgia hasn’t had the best record (only 3-12) and this was the first time the Dawgs have won when College GameDay came to Athens. Lee Corso didn’t pick the Dawgs and that was exactly what the fans wanted. Regardless of the superstitions, Georgia won the shoot out 44-41.

From kick off I knew it was going to be an intense game. The overall environment was a huge support system for the entire team. I took away a few key points after all the excitement settled in Athens:

  • The special teams still need help. My biggest hope during kick off was that the ball would travel through the back of the end zone and prevent LSU from making a huge return. The defense on special teams needs to amp up their performance to hold their opponent to a minimum on the return.
  • The ability to make huge plays and manage the clock were two serious advantages Georgia was able to capitalize on. Aaron Murray was able to show his seniority in the last four minutes of the game.
  • Georgia’s defense was able to come up with many huge stops and sacks against LSU and give Mettenberger a warm Georgia return.

But honestly with as much intensity as I witnessed on the field you would have thought it was January and the BCS Championship. It was a well-matched game that came down to the last few minutes. No fan, regardless of loyalty, left without seeing a spectacular game.

Even with Georgia walking away the victor, Richt was able to celebrate a well fought win and still remain a class act against well-versed head coach Les Miles and well-known former player, Mettenberger. It was a great experience to be involved in a crowd and an environment with such passion for the game and their team.

Now moving forward to Knoxville, Tennessee next week – the Dawgs hopes are still alive for SEC East and BCS title dreams. Stay tuned for more posts and remember always…

Hunker Down You Hairy Dawgs!


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