Tough Fight, for both South Carolina and UCF!

It was predicted that UCF would beat the Gamecocks this past weekend, but lo and behold, the Gamecocks showed up to play the Knights. The game was a close call with the Gamecocks holding the Knights off with a 28-25 win.

  • Conner Shaw was taken out of the game for what is said to be a right shoulder sprain and there is no news as to when he will be back.
  • Dylan Thompson and the offense looked completely off in the first half but after halftime, the Gamecocks decided to come back.
  • Early in the third quarter the ball was passed to Mike Davis, who scored a 53-yard touchdown. Mike Davis ended the game with three touchdowns for the Gamecocks, along with 167 yards rushing.

The Gamecocks will face off against Kentucky this weekend in Columbia, S.C.

Can the Wildcats handle the Gamecocks this weekend? We will just have to wait and see. Game time is Saturday at 7:30 pm.

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