What We Learned From NFL Week 4

It takes going to a foreign country for the Vikings to get a win.

Vikings – Ponder = Win

Alex Smith + Andy Reid + Eric Fisher = Chiefs being 4-0

The Texans need a new O Line.

I have a crush on JJ Watt.

The Jets suck (still just a fact).

The Jaguars are the worst team in the NFL right now.

So are the Steelers.

And the Giants.

And the Bucs. That’s still a lot of 0-4 teams.

Tony Gonzalez is amazing.

Chip Kelly’s system isn’t as successful in the pros as it was in college. Imagine that. Imagine that.

Being 4-0 doesn’t deserve to be called undefeated. It’s only 4 games. You can call it that in say week 8 or 10, BUT NOT IN WEEK 4!!

Rex Ryan will lose his job at the end of the year. If he doesn’t then the Jets are dumber then I thought they were and I’m not sure that’s possible.

NFC East is now dubbed the NFC Least. The team at the top of the division has 2 wins…and it’s the Cowboys.

It takes Jay Cutler 3 weeks to implode and become…Jay Cutler again.

I hate the Lions (still just a fact).

I cheered for the Pats’ division rival Dolphins because they were playing the Saints. If you don’t recall from earlier posts…I hate the Saints.

The Falcons are the best 1-3 team in the NFL. Yes that’s a thing.

I will freak out at work when I find out that a key player had a season ending injury. Also, people will think you’re crazy when you freak out about said season ending injury. They will also tell you ‘it’s just a game’ which results in shanking. Lots of shanking.

Finally, referees went suddenly blind this week as they weren’t calling obvious penalties. Penalties that ended in people getting very hurt. DO YOUR JOBS!!

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  1. Love it! Minus the part about not callinh 4-0 undefeated… I called the seahawks undefeated on FB Sunday, lol!

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