Dawgs head to Knoxville

To Tennessee the Dawgs march.  Richt and his Bulldogs will arrive in Knoxville to the not so glorious sound of “Rocky Top”. The SEC match-up will be an interesting battle – not only will Georgia be on the road but they will have to battle with the bright surroundings of Orange and the slight pressure knowing they can’t stand another defeat if they wish to remain in National Championship contention.

But let’s just step back a quick second. Georgia is coming off an intense win and one of the best games I’ve seen in a long time, but the Vols have a reputation of foiling Georgia’s plans for an easy victory.

While the contest between these two is always a bona fide toss up, this time Tennessee will be wearing new grey uniforms. Everyone gets a little extra confidence with they have on a new outfit, right ? At least I do. I love putting a new top or dress on but how incredible is the energy when you and 80 other players do it? Georgia will find out on Saturday.

Georgia knows the feeling of excitement when uniforms get changed up but they also know the down side of the uniform swap.

The Dawgs will need to make their way into Knoxville with the same intensity they finished with LSU. Regardless of the number of points Georgia is favored by, it is still good ole’ Rocky Top, so never think anything is guaranteed.

The defense and special teams need to use this game to strengthen their skills and work out the rest of their kinks in preparation for the back half of the season, which is kinda crazy to think about. But point being: never underestimate an opponent.

I’m looking forward to this classic SEC battle as I hope are all the Georgia faithful.  So dawn your red and black and keep on singing Glory, Glory to Ole’ Georgia.

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