Shaw Back to Take Down Wildcats

Gamecock fans, I’ve got some exciting news!!

The Gamecocks got great news on Wednesday – Quarterback Conner Shaw is going to be playing this weekend against the Wildcats! He was removed from the game this past weekend for a shoulder sprain, while Dylan Thompson took over. Shaw is released to play this weekend and the Gamecocks are happy to have their starter back!

The Gamecocks are said to be taking this game against the Wildcats to the house, due to a very disturbing at home 24-7 loss for the Wildcats this past Saturday against the Florida Gators. The upcoming game is said to be a little more than a scrimmage for the Gamecocks, which is what they need to work out a few minor kinks in their defense. Carolina is more than ready to take on the Wildcats as this will be their time to iron out all the issues before they take on a three-away game road trip to Arkansas, Tennessee and Missouri.

The Wildcats are not facing any of their players being out, but the Gamecocks will have a few sitting on the sidelines this weekend. Running back Brandon Wilds is out for a shoulder injury and defensive end Devin Washington is out for a concussion. The Gamecocks also have a few questionable players as well: LB Kyle Morini (Elbow), WR Carlton Heard (Hamstring), DE Gerald Turner (Ankle), LB James King (Foot), and OT Mike Matulis (Shoulder).

The Wildcats defense is said to be solid, holding Louisville at 27 and Florida at 24, but the offense is where they will have to work. Kentucky is ranked 96th in the country, with a combining total of 20 points against Louisville and Florida. Although, the Gamecocks defense is having a little bit of a struggle, this game against the Wildcats shouldn’t be a problem.

The Gamecocks’ running back has been kicking butt and taking names! This year, Mike Davis has been at the top of his game, being ranked 11th in the nation as well as 1st in the SEC for rushing yards per game. This past weekend against UCF, Davis was able to post a career-high 167 yards rushing along with 3 touchdowns!

It’s going to be a great weekend in William Brice Stadium!! GOOOOOOOOOOO COCKS!

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