Suspensions and Bow Ties

Give you the good news first?  OK!

I'm playing this game & wearing this purple bow tie in honor of Olivia Mills & her family. Sorry for Ur loss #angel

Photo via Twitter. “I’m playing this game & wearing this purple bow tie in honor of Olivia Mills & her family. Sorry for Ur loss #angel” tweets AJ

AJ McCarron was sporting his signature bow tie as he strutted in to the game last Saturday.  Frequently, AJ will use his ties as symbols for things he believes in, like fighting childhood cancer or honoring those who have survived or succumbed to their diseases.  On Saturday, his tie was purple and he wore a purple ribbon on his lapel to honor Olivia Mills, a 17 year old high school senior from Northport, AL.  Olivia was in an automobile accident last Sunday, leaving her in a coma, then later passing away.  AJ chose purple because it was Mill’s favorite color. The night before, those attending her high school’s football game also wore purple and released purple balloons.

You’ve probably noticed AJ is always doing these type things and I love to write about the good in people.  It’s much more uplifting than some of the other things that we are subjected to on a daily basis.

Now for the Bad…

I know you guys have heard me talk a lot about Ha Ha Clinton-Dix this year, however, this time it’s not about the way he is tackling guys on the football field or catching interceptions.  News came out that Ha-Ha “has been suspended indefinitely for a violation of team rules” according to Coach Saban.  Do not bother asking him to elaborate because he won’t.  For now, that is all we know- it could be for one game or it could be the rest of the season.  Generally, Saban treats these suspensions by saying the amount of time a suspension will last depends on the player and how he handles the suspension.  We all hope that Ha-Ha will do what he can to get back in the good graces of Coach Saban because our secondary could really use him!  While he is out though, look for Landon Collins and Geno Smith to step up and try to fill his shoes.

On a side note, this weekend is homecoming y’all as the Tide takes on Georgia State. gridirongirls will be on campus, ready to give you up to date tweets, and the sights and sounds of all that is homecoming at the University of Alabama!

Roll Tide!



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