#2 Roundup, NCAA Games to Watch in Week 6

Well, we got the Texas game out of the way already. Whatever. I’m sorta over this season for the ‘Horns. Still love ‘em, won’t desert ‘em. But they deserve better. Burn the place down and start over.

So what’s on tap for this week? Let’s take a look at our #2s. Schedules found at ESPN.com, all times Eastern.

  • #2 in my heart and the country, Oregon travels to Colorado this week, game time is 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the PAC 12 Network. Have you ever been to a game at Boulder? I have. Beautiful, beautiful setting. Stadium built into the side of a mountain. And their fans are the WORST. I traveled out there for a Texas game a long time ago. The Colorado students were quite “enthusiastic,” and threw all manner of garbage on the field. AT THEIR OWN PLAYERS. Ice, cups, rocks, everything. Here’s hoping the Ducks stun the crowd with their spectacular offense so thoroughly they don’t have time to throw any projectiles. I predict a huge Ducks victory, even without my #2 spirit animal, DeAnthony Thomas, aka Black Mamba. He’s out with an ankle injury (hopefully not for long).
  • #25 Maryland at #8 Florida State, 12:00 noon, ESPN. This is a hate-watch, depending. I simply always root against Florida State. Both teams are 4-0 coming into the game. Remember what that felt like, to be undefeated heading into the middle of the season? Me neither. Florida State is favored, but we can always hope Maryland pulls one out. Go Terrapins!
  • Georgia State travels to #1 Alabama to play at the strangely precise time of 12:21 p.m., on ESPN. You know who wins. Watch if you like to know the ending of a movie before it starts.
  • #3 Clemson at Syracuse, 3:30 p.m., ABC/ESPN2. Clemson is the heavy favorite, but they’re on the road. Syracuse is looking for some respect with an upset. They’ve done it before. This could be an exciting game to watch.
  • TCU at #11 Oklahoma, 7:00 p.m., Fox. Well, if you just can’t get enough of that OU fight song, tune in for this contest. Personally, I have to mute the TV when it comes on, because it triggers my nervous twitch. TCU is no pushover, but they travel to Norman to take on OU and their highly-touted QB, Blake Bell. Texas fans should watch this game to get desensitized to hearing the word, “Belldozer.” Because next weekend we will hear it about 157,000 times. OU is favored to win by about a gazillion points. Just like next week.
  • #4 Ohio State at #16 Northwestern, 8:00 p.m., ABC. Ohio State won 28 out of the last 29 games, and they’re heavy favorites again. Can Northwestern pull off an upset? OSU seems to think not; they have confidence to spare this season. Wish I knew how that felt. This should be a great game.
  • #15 Washington at #5 Stanford, 10:30 p.m., on ESPN. Upset alert! Upset alert! Last season, Washington handed Stanford its only conference loss of the regular season. Washington will come prepared again, and will play Stanford tough. Last year, Stanford didn’t score a single offensive touchdown. Neither did their tree mascot. This year they’re looking for payback. Stanford is favored, and expect them to win. Tune in for some exciting West Coast football; it’s worth staying up late for.

Don’t despair, ‘Horns fans! There are other teams to love who will treat you with respect and like you for who you are. Embrace your #2! Happy football Saturday!

3 Comments on #2 Roundup, NCAA Games to Watch in Week 6

  1. Just a couple things. Oregon-Colorado isn’t on ESPN. It is on the Pac 12 Network exclusively.
    And, Washington did beat Stanford, but, it wasn’t Stanford’s only loss. Only conference loss, but, they also lost to Notre Dame.

    As Casey Stengel would say, “You could look it up.”

    • Thanks for the corrections Ron 🙂

    • Hey Ron, thanks for being observant! This is what happens when I write a blog while 1) having an apoplexy over the Texas game, and 2) it’s too late on a Friday night. I went to make corrections and it looks like Nichole did it for me. I was staring at the schedule when I said the Oregon game was on ESPN, so maybe I had a fit while I was typing? I do appreciate the feedback. Oddly, I did look it up. Sometimes the brain don’t wanna cooperate.

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