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Sims warms up on sidelines

Sims warms up on sidelines

The Crimson Tide washed out Georgia State yesterday in Alabama’s homecoming game.  The only complaint I had all day was that the game started too early and it was hot as nine hells.  Other than that it was a beautiful day to watch the Tide cinch up their homecoming game.  I have to say there is a certain amount of fun to be able to watch a team play so well.  Clearly, Georgia State was outmatched and try as they might, could never get a whole lot of positive ground.

The starters came out in the game and racked up 5 touchdowns in pretty much their first five tries.  No shocker there really, they were playing almost flawlessly.  What is more interesting however is that at the end of the second quarter, we were able to see some new faces take the field.  It was a rocky start that Georgia State held the first try by them to a field goal, but after that, they got in their groove and it was smooth sailing.  Blake Sims came out as the back up quarterback and it was a thrill to see him being so confident and accurate.  I cannot wait to see more from him!  The team finished up the battle with a score of 45-3.

All in all it was a good game and I thoroughly enjoyed being in T-Town for homecoming and watching the boys play the almost perfect game.  Football at its finest.  Bama fans all over should be happy happy happy!

Next week Bama is on the road to Kentucky to meet the Wildcats.

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