You Know You're A Crazy Duck Fan When…

As I made my way through this football Saturday, having to focus on nothing but being a Duck fan, I was reminded more than once just what that means. It means I, like most of you, am probably just a little bit passionate, obsessed or perhaps a bit crazy. OK, fine. A lot crazy. Don’t think you’ve crossed over to crazy Duck fanhood? Read on. I dare ya.

I love my ducks shirtYou know you’re a Duck fan when. . .

1. You HAVE to use your Oregon coffee cup on game day, even if it’s dirty, you have a caffeine headache and there are several clean mugs within reach. (I have no idea where this one came from ).

2. You decide to spell “UO” with shredded cheese to decorate ONE of your refrigerator biscuits just because it’s game day! (Again, no idea where this came from).

3. You email your child’s basketball/football/soccer coach to make sure no practices or games will interrupt Duck Football. If it does, you seriously worry about what to do.

4. You watch morning SEC games and think, “This is so boring. The Ducks would school these guys, no question.”

5. You’re willing to wear your WET Duck shirt, that hasn’t finished the dry cycle, just because you don’t want to miss watching the kick off…from home.

6.  You yell, “What is going on today?, They look terrible!” when the Ducks don’t score in the first drive in the first minute of the game. (Don’t pretend, you know you at least thought that today).

7. You fully expect the Ducks to be up 42-3 at half time and are honestly confused and upset if they’re not.

8. You judge every other teams attempt to have cool, flashy, uniforms. They’re all ugly and should just stay traditional. No one can do it like Nike and the Ducks.

9. You watch the Ducks whoop up on Colorado whoop up on Colorado 57-16 and still get worried about how they’ll compete with Stanford and Washington. By worry, I mean worry they won’t win by double digits.

10. You fully expect the Ducks to not only make it to the Natty, but to win the Natty. Anything else would be disappointing. You also expect Mariota and DAT to make the trip to NYC. If the rest of the nation doesn’t expect the same, they’re just “stupid and biased”.

Did I forget anything? Feel free to comment and let me know. Or, find me on Twitter @UOgridirongirl

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  1. Love your blog! Don’t drink coffee, so, don’t feel the same as you on that one, but, the others are pretty much spot on!

    Go Ducks!!! Beat the huskies!!! Win the 10th!!! Need at least 1 more for that last thumb!!!

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