What We Learned From NFL Week 5

Dallas and Denver have no defense. A combined score of 99 points usually means that defenses aren’t doing their jobs.

The Chiefs are legit.

The Patriots’ receivers seriously need to start catching the ball.

The Dolphins might not be too bad if Tannehill didn’t spend all of his time on his back.

The Browns and Bills game was like watching paint dry.

The Lions can’t win without Calvin Johnson.

The Giants are completely incapable of winning a game.

So are the Jags.

And the Steelers and the Bucs. That’s still a lot of winless teams.

Schaub needs to get it together before he ends up getting benched.

The Cam Newton and RGIII hype has died down now that people realize they aren’t superhuman or sustainable QBs.

We were spared watching Ponder pretend to play QB this week with the Vikes’ bye.

Schiano needs to get fired. Yesterday.

If the Falcons trade Tony Gonzalez I will never root for them ever again. Even if they play the Jets.

Raiders fans need to get new jokes. They’re still on the Manti Te’o made up girlfriend thing. Hey guys, there are funnier things then Te’o’s catfish incident. Things like Philip Rivers.

The Giants get so few scoring opportunities this season that when they actually score they celebrate like they just won the Super Bowl.

Pete Carroll doesn’t know what clock management is.

There are going to be a lot of unemployed people at the end of this season.

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