Bama Dominates Kentucky

The Tide rolled in to Kentucky on Saturday and dominated the Wildcats.  It was a bit of a messy game but still a win all the same.

So what did I see?  Several errors, dropped passes and a couple of fumbles.  The good part of that?  It did not seem to rattle TJ Yeldon or Kenyan Drake as they continued on to a play a good game.  Kenny Bell and Jalston Fowler both had dropped passes to which Kenny later acknowledged his mistake on twitter saying this was his “worst game ever.”  I hope he doesn’t get too discouraged because it really wasn’t a bad game so if that is his worst, then I don’t mind it Kenny, you are doing just fine!

Kenny Bell tweets about his performance in Saturday's game

Kenny Bell tweets about his performance in Saturday’s game

Even as there were some missteps amongst receivers and running backs, AJ McCarron never missed a step and did not seem to be rattled at all during the game, not even when things didn’t go his way.  He has become a professional and he doesn’t let the small things bother him because he knows he can come back and make those up with bigger plays and by putting points on the board.

The Defense held on to a strong game throughout, as shown by the final score of 48-7.  It was nice to see Freshman A’Shawn Robinson stepping up again and playing hard all night – can’t wait to see more of him in the future.  CJ Mosley was once again on fire and lead the defense with his seven, count them seven, sacks on the Kentucky QB.

Things were a little sloppy of course, but as I say a win is a win and I know that they will review their mistakes and work through them as always!  What I am really looking forward to is next weekend’s game against the Arkansas Razorbacks down in T-Town!  I think I will be having hog meat for supper!  😉  Head on over to our recipe section and see what you can find!

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But most importantly, ROLL TIDE!

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