Beavers Goin' for a 'W' in the Paloose

Well, we’ve all had a little hiatus and some time to bask in the good feelings of hopefully having our Beaver defense back on track and things moving upward from here on out.  Thankfully, the Colorado Buffaloes did not prove to be a challenge for our Beaver defense, who held the Buffs’ star running back to a measly 70 yds, virtually all of which were gained in the fourth quarter. I think we all saw last week, with the way that Colorado competed with Oregon, that they are not the Colorado of old and so far I am VERY impressed with their new coach who is coaching his players with a gutsy, nothing to lose attitude. They will be a team to watch in years to come.

Moving on to our little Beavers, I would like to spend some time giving credit where credit is due today and talking about the performance of some newcomers to our line-up this year. I have been more and more impressed with what I’ve seen from Mr. Steven Nelson II, and I think we can only expect more great things to come from him as the season continues. I think it’s safe to say he is living up to his four star status thus far. We also need to talk more about true freshman Wide Receiver and Kick-off returner Victor Bolden. Like Brandin Cooks, I took notice the first day I saw him in fall camp, and have continued to be more and more impressed with him with each successive game. Being a former sprinter myself, I am not ashamed to say I am impressed with speed and this kid has it in spades. I did a little digging into his stats, and turns out  the kid can run the 300m hurdles in 37.82—which translates into one word for any non-track fans out there: FAST. Stay tuned for more to come. On the topic of speed, props also need to go out to Redshirt Freshman Chris Brown. Are you kidding me?! I was WAY impressed with that kid’s moves and ability to make holes for himself and get yardage up the middle against Colorado. Note to Coach Riley: that kid needs to get in the game more. Last but definitely not least, I want to mention true freshman Offensive Lineman Sean Harlow. Not only at 275 lbs. is he not the size of your average true freshman, he has also stepped up and filled in on the offensive line impressively thus far this season, especially when you consider that he just landed here in March and was playing college football this time last year. The coaches are impressed with him too, which is why you can look for him to get significant playing time again today against WSU despite the fact that most of our O line is back up to speed and ready to go.

Going into the game today against WSU, we are going to need to see more big things from the guys I’ve mentioned above, as well as our starters and, most specifically, our defense. If we play the way did against Colorado, we are going to be fine, so let’s just forget about some of the not-so-pretty performances and think positive. Our guys have had two weeks to get healthy, rest, and watch plenty of film on the Cougs. They’ve been listening to Metallica blasting over the loud speakers during practice to prepare for the noise that they’re going to be facing in Pullman as the Cougs play their first game back in their home stadium in two seasons. They should be ready, and if they are, twelve short hours from now we will all be celebrating another beaver win.

In the meantime, I leave you with a little Beaver fun fact of the day: Terron Ward, aka back-up quarterback extraordinaire, could quite possibly be the first Running Back in Beaver history to have been rewarded with two Roughing the Passer calls in his favor in any season. And the haters said that someone 5’ 7” could never be a quarterback. Go Beavs!!!

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