Thoughts on the Ole Miss game

What we learned from watching the A&M and Ole Miss game:

1) Johnny will be Johnny.  It is obvious that nothing can stop him or even slow him down.  He is the most exciting player in all of college football to watch.  If a team is ever going to be down to the last few minutes of a game, I’d want Johnny leading them.  No question.

2) Mike Evans is still a beast.  Only a few catches this game, BUT did you see him HURDLE a grown man?  He straight up hurled a grown man.  Crazy.

3) The Running Backs are good.  Real good.  I just wished the play calling had reflected that more.  I am interested in hearing at Tuesday’s press conference the coach’s reasons for not using them more.

4) The Offensive Line continues to be impressive.

5) ALL of the receivers are good.  They all can make plays when needed.

6) Our defense needs work… But they are so young – ten true freshman played that game.  They are learning and getting some real life experience in.  I am proud of them.  They made the stops when they needed to.

7) Deshazor Everrett makes a real impact on the defense when he is playing and they need him.  Hoping his injury is nothing major.

8) Labhart and Lambo.  Wow.  Seriously.  Two great players who have come out of nowhere and are making names for themselves.  Very impressive young men.

9) Sumlin.  Just love him and what he does for this team.  It’s apparent his players love him too:

10) The Aggies remain undefeated on the road in the SEC.   WHOOP!


Thanks and Gig ‘Em!


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