Mishaps Against Missouri: Dawgs Fall Prey to Tigers

Georgia hoped it wouldn’t happen but it did. We lost. Who would have imagined after some of the best games I’ve seen Georgia play that the new kid on the block would challenge them? But than again, I remember exactly what Texas A&M did to Alabama during their first year in the SEC.

One thing I heard about almost every play was the “health” of the player. Well of course, if you’re not healthy you’re not playing. Duh.

Georgia had a large gap to fill after losing five high-valued players since the start of the season. Missouri, however, was sitting pretty with a healthy roster. But that’s why teams are so large – you have additional players at each position. Unfortunately the amount of live action practice, let alone game snaps, they’ll see is almost non-existent.

The poll ranking would have easily predicted Georgia coming out on top but the final number on the scoreboard showed the opposite for the Dawgs. The Bulldogs took a huge upset (41-26), losing their first game at Sanford in 16 games. It was not a pretty day between the hedges.

Actually it was sloppy. Murray was unable to collect another win in an exciting fourth-quarter spectacular. The Bulldogs had FOUR turnovers… no matter who you play against, you cannot turn over the ball. If you want to protect your winning record you MUST protect the ball. Sadly, it just did not happen.

Even with starters sidelined, this game could have still been a competitive match. It comes down to a mental game. If you are good enough to be in a red jersey on game day, then at any moment you should be ready to go in. I know practice makes perfect but mental readiness is an important factor.  The fresh faces, Bendon Douglas and J.J. Green, performed well but a fumble by Douglas proved costly. I’m sure he’s not getting hits like that in practice. But for the love of the game, hold on to the ball.

Mistakes happen. The senior and leader Aaron Murray had three turnovers on his shoulders to deal with. With two interceptions and a lack of protection by the defense, it could have been an intense showdown like Tennessee or LSU – but those interceptions just allowed Missouri to roar to a massive and respect earning upset.

Now where are the Dawgs? They are sitting in limbo, and it’s a mess. The defeat has removed Georgia from the driver’s seat and forced a must win ALL four remaining SEC games scenario. Plus, Missouri has to lose two games with their pretty 6-0 record. Oh, did I mention they not only took a jump (more like pole-vaulted) fourteen spots on the Top 25? In shoe reference, they went from a flat flip flop No. 25 to a Christian Louboutin Stilettos No.11. Georgia fell from a “Contender” No.7 to a “Get your act together”  No. 15 with a 4-2 record over all and 3-2 SEC record.

If this week has taught us anything, it is that anything can happen. Georgia fans have witnessed miracles already this season, so here is to seeing a few more. Get healthy DAWGS.

And always remember to HUNKER DOWN YOU HAIRY DAWG.

Until next time… GO DAWGS!

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