Unexpected Lunch Dates

I’m going to paint you a picture really quick ladies, one that will linger in my mind for years to come as one of the best days of my life. Before I begin, let me start by telling you I took a little vacation this past weekend to Baton Rouge to watch LSU play Florida (which was a 17-6 win for LSU!) with my good friend, and fellow “Weekend Warrior” Ashley. We took a road trip from New Mexico to Baton Rouge this time last year as well to watch LSU beat South Carolina, so we figured we would make it a yearly deal and go on the same weekend exactly a year later.

After almost ten hours of driving from Aiken to Baton Rouge we arrived, exhausted, around 1am on Saturday. We checked into our hotel and promptly plopped down to get some much needed sleep before the day ahead. Waking up six hours later we showered, got ready, and headed to our favorite pre-tailgate breakfast spot… Waffle House. We stopped by the store to buy some beverages for the day and headed towards campus to chant and cheer the day away with fellow LSU fans of all ages. We walked around campus, met tons of new people, and enjoyed great food and drinks and conversations all day long. After cheering until my voice went out as #10 LSU defeated #17 Florida (LSU is now ranked #6 and Florida is #22) we headed back to our car and back to the hotel. We meant to go out and celebrate after with some of our new pals, however we fell asleep early and didn’t wind up going out as planned.

After a very successful and riveting Saturday in Baton Rouge, the two of us woke up on Sunday, checked out of our hotel, loaded the car, and headed back to campus to snag a few more photos – ones we couldn’t get with the giant crowds around. After giving ourselves our annual tour we decided to head to The Chimes restaurant for some gator bites and ice cold water to replenish ourselves. However, we arrived at a very crowded restaurant and decided to settle on a personal favorite, Buffalo Wild Wings, just across the street.

–Before I go any further, let me just say… sometimes you get a feeling in your gut that you should do something different than you planned, and for me going to B-Dubs was just that! My gut said it was a good idea and I had no place to argue, I was starving and wanted to watch some NFL football before heading home… and let me tell you, trusting my gut in this story truly paid off!

We walked down the street to Buffalo Wild Wings and took a seat at a small table in the back. Halfway through our meal, I noticed a larger man sitting behind us, who appeared to be somewhat familiar but I could not put my finger on where from! So I did what any future reporter would do and sat myself down next to him to introduce myself and get the scoop. As it turns out, that very sweet gentleman was former LSU fullback James Stampley. James happily took a couple photos with me and even answered some questions for me before I excused myself for interrupting his meal and promised to look out for him the NFL in coming years.

(See my next blog for the brief interview with James, because this specific blog is focused more on the background stories and the next blog will focus on the actual interviews… yes that is plural!!.. Read on!)

After we finished our much needed lunch and drank up the rest of our water, I spotted another familiar face walking into the building across the room… this time I knew EXACTLY where I had seen that face before and I knew I needed to get my behind over to his table to snag a photo and an interview!!

And you guessed it ladies, I did just that. I stood up from my seat, my stomach turning with butterflies, and slowly made my way around the restaurant to where he was sitting with three of his friends. I nervously introduced myself as the LSU gridirongirl.org blogger, and asked (as calmly as I could) if I could get a photo with the group and ask the familiar face a few questions before his food came. They all agreed that could be arranged and my friend Ashley and I squeezed in with them at the table for the waiter to snap a few group pictures. We stood there chatting, casually discussing everything from school, to football, to tv shows, before I finally worked up the nerve to ask for a picture of just me and Jeremy. Yes ladies, I met Jeremy Hill!! Not only was he a big sweetheart, and totally willing to comply with my requests, but he was very outgoing and a total gentleman.

We got our photo together, decided to stay in touch through snapchat and instagram, and made our way back to our own respective tables. I was on cloud nine. I have been a J. Hill fan for a while now (read my other J. Hill blogs here and here) and was more than stoked to have the chance to meet him. After we paid our bill and got up to leave, we ran into the boys again in the parking lot where I asked for a few autographs and we chatted a bit longer before they walked us across the street to their apartment complex so Jeremy could run up and get a sharpie to sign a few souvenirs for me. We talked for a while before Ashley and I had to set back on the road home, and again agreed to stay in touch and come back to watch more LSU games soon.

Moral of the story ladies; never ever be too scared to approach someone and ask for what you want. If I had chickened out of approaching that familiar face I would be regretting it tenfold today!

Remember, my next blog will share a few of the answers I snagged from those generous and inspiring young men – so check it out and spread the word! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @KymbryeAnn and see my LSU adventures on instagram @kymboni15

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Til next time, keep loving purple and living gold. Geaux out and meet someone new today!

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  1. Your confidence is inspiring! 😀

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