Keeping with Tradition: Georgia Vs. Vanderbilt Preview

The Vanderbilt Commodores are hosting the Georgia Bulldogs this Saturday. Here is hoping the only  “V” will be going to Georgia.

Many Georgia fans have been waiting and stalking the injury reports – this could be the game Todd Gurley returns to the field after a two game hiatus. If this Saturday goes even slightly like the 2012 season, the Dawgs should have no trouble making a chew toy of the Commodores.

Georgia will need to stay highly focused on bringing the win back to Athens. In order for anything to happen after the regular season, Georgia will need to collect a win in all remaining SEC competition. Vandy should not be a difficult hurdle to jump but let’s not count anyone out until the 4th quarter is over.

Georgia still needs to see an improvement in their defense, and leave interceptions and fumbles to a minimum to not create more work for the offense. The less damage Georgia can do to itself, the better. It’s one thing to give up yards and points… but for the love of football, if you don’t have to give them free points, than don’t!  Georgia is picked to win this game and needs to do so and remain completely uninjured if all possible.

I’m not asking a lot, but I would like to keep the winning record against Vanderbilt going. Georgia has been bringing home the “V” since 2006. Plus, Vandy has yet to win an SEC match this year, so let’s keep it that way.

Hunker Down Dawgs and bring home the Victory!

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