Next up: Auburn!

After three weeks away (two games on the road and one bye week), the Aggies are returning to Kyle Field for a four game home stretch.   It was a nice little break from the last four game home stretch, but those of us in Aggieland are ready for them to be back!

So, I thought I would bring you some Fun Facts heading into this week’s Auburn game:

  • Auburn is ranked #24 (5-1)  and the Aggies are sitting pretty at #7 (5-1) in the AP Poll.
  • Auburn leads the SEC in rushing.
  • A&M leads the SEC in passing and total offense.
  • The Aggies continue to be undefeated on the road since joining the SEC.  (Love this fact!)
  • Mid-year Defensive MVP?  Deshazor Everett   – Texas A&M can clone animals at their vet school – think we could just clone Everett and have him play every position?  No?  Ok – I’ll just be happy if he is back on the field for the Auburn game… his injury from the Ole Miss game is kind of a mystery and today Coach Sumlin said he is “probably probable”.
  • Mike Evans can play basketball and football.  Now we know he can hurdle grown humans as well.
  • Trey Williams. Welcome back.  So glad you are healthy again.  You are a thrill to watch.
  • The Aggies have scored first in 17 of 18 games (the only one they didn’t was versus Rice this year).
  • They have scored over 40 points in every game this year – and eight straight games total – which is tied for the longest in FBS.
  • Kyle Field has been sold out for 18 straight games – and again – the next four are at Kyle. With SEC games of Auburn, Vanderbilt and Mississippi State, I would anticipate that would remain a true statement.  And former backup QB Showers is now leading the UTEP offense, so what might be a ‘down’ game for A&M, will now prove to be quite entertaining on both sides of the ball for us.
  • Josh Lambo was a 1st round draft pick by FC Dallas (as a goalie) in 2008.  Great video of his celebration after his last-second game winning kick:  He never played football until coming to A&M and said this during an interview:  “Summer of 2012 I made a couple of highlight tapes with my kicking coach and really wanted to finish my education. A&M responded.”  So thankful that the Aggies saw that tape and made the call!
  • Going into the Ole Miss game, the Aggies have used a total of 25 NEW players on the field (17 true freshman, four red shirt freshman and four transfers).  That is impressive!
  • Coach Sumlin gives great one liners in his press conferences.  I love watching his reactions to some of the questions asked of him.  After the Ole Miss game he said: “Our guys, they don’t quit. That’s been a trademark here the last year-and-a-half.” I LOVE this about the team.  They. Don’t. Quit!
  • The Over/Under for total points scored between Auburn at Texas A&M is 71.
  • Texas A&M fills up the highest percentage of seats per game based on the stadium/student body ratio in the SEC – 104.7%
  • The SEC is STILL the best conference in the Nation – this week there are eight ranked teams in the AP poll – the most from any conference. EVER.


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