Tide takes on the Arkansas Razorbacks

This week’s game will be tough and we are back to playing another in-conference team.  As we all know, the SEC is the home of the toughest football teams.  So anytime we have a conference game it becomes a true clash of the Titans.  In this case, it’s the Tide versus the Razorbacks.

While it’s true that Arkansas lost their last four games, they did win the first three.  What stands out to me, as well as to Coach Saban, is that the run game they have is pretty strong.  When you take time to consider some of our weaker points, stopping the run game is one of them.  Since this is one of the few forces this Arkansas team possesses I have no doubts that Saban has devised a plan to stop it.

When asked about the fumbles last week Saban was not too concerned there either and does not expect a repeat of that.  Saban thinks his team has not played their best game yet as they continue to work hard to get better and to find an identity.  Anthony Steen was back on the line last week and was named SEC Lineman of the Week – Saban says he has been working hard on the improvement of the O line.

All in all I am pretty excited about the game and ready to see the boys take the field and make mincemeat out of those hogs!  ROLL TIDE!!

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