What We Learned From NFL Week 6

Tom Brady still has the magic even though everybody says he’s over the hill. Take that haters!

I still hate the Saints.

The Broncos defense is terrible.

The Jets are worse then we thought.

The Giants are as bad as we thought.

There are still three teams in the NFL who can’t manage to win a game. The race for first pick in the 2014 Draft is on!

I wish the Texans were better.

The NFC Least is at it again; the Cowboys and Eagles are leading the division at 3-3.

Matt Schaub has (probably) lost his job.

Bears fans, as my Twitter mentions will show you, don’t like it when you criticize their players. Try being a Patriots fan where you hear it ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY!!

Suh is still the cheapest player in the NFL.

I still hate the Jets.

The Ravens will not repeat as Super Bowl Champions.

RGIII should learn to be quiet and not admit stuff, refs can read you know.

If the Patriots don’t win the Super Bowl, I hope the Chiefs do.

Jim Irsay likes to stir crap up, dude just be quiet already.

Eli Manning may or may not be color blind, this would explain the interception issue.

I should be in charge of stuff in the NFL.

I hope Adrian Peterson breaks Dickerson’s record this year.

I think someone finally told Goodell how much NFL fans don’t like him and he should just leave stuff alone already.

Thanks for reading! Tune in next week!

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