gridirongirls: Tame Your Mane On Game Day!

I get asked this question a lot… How do you keep your hair tame on game day?  I mean this is the South, so most of the time I am either sweating or getting drenched in rain so this has always been a tough question.  Until now…

I was strolling around doing some shopping last week when I went in to Sephora to buy some perfume.  While there, they gave me a few free samples of stuff.  Ladies, if you don’t already do this… ALWAYS take time to try these samples.  They could save your life!  Okay maybe not your life, but at least your face or hair!

Tame Your Mane!

Tame Your Mane!

In those samples was a small bottle of what I thought at first was a perfume sample, but no, turns out it was drybar 100 Proof Treatment Oil for the Perfect Blowout.  It is sold exclusively at Sephora and for that I will now be a long time customer.  (Not like I wasn’t before but you know, just saying)  I had no idea what it was for other than the bottle said “for the perfect blowout”.  “Well great, I have never even had a blow out, but because we have a day game and I am in a super big hurry so let me just slap some of this on, dry my hair, and go!” I said to myself.

It was hot, it was humid, I sweated, the whole nine yards… but my hair… it remained PERFECT.  It remained perfect for 3 solid days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A little background on my crowning jewel… It’s frizzy, it’s naturally wavy and I can wear it curly/wavy or straight if I dry it out and flat iron it.  Now my hair is also processed and damaged because ever since I was 15 years old I have colored my hair just about every color of the rainbow and I may change my mind about what color I like four or five times in one year.  So yea… my hair is usually a big mess.  I have tried EVERYTHING… Argon oil is very helpful and I have tried all the shampoos and conditioners there are for colored hair.  But this, this is an oil but it is different and it only requires a small bit AND I didn’t even flat iron my hair that day!  It just stayed straight!  So after three days I am in love and I look up the sample and read all the reviews and they were great.

The product is said to be “a hair treatment oil that provides amazing shine and helps rejuvenate dry, damaged hair” and that is 100% accurate as far as I am concerned.

What does it do?  Bring dry, dull hair back to life with this multitasking treatment oil that creates shine and seals ends to eliminate frizz and flyaways. Perfect for mixing or layering with other hair products, it is virtually weightless and works on all hair types—even fine hair—without weighing it down. Use before any blowout and take it with you to reapply as needed throughout the day.

If you have unruly hair, I recommend it.  It sure beats wearing a ponytail all day!

Go gridirongirls, get your beauty on!

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