The "We Want Bama" Trap

I’m guilty.

As I scrolled through my Twitter account this morning I became instantly excited to see a tweet about two guys on the Oregon campus selling green and yellow “We Want Bama” shirts. I vowed to immediately march right on down to 13th Ave, ten bucks in hand. After all, what die hard Duck fan (ahem. . . I mean, non-biased sports journalist) isn’t already creating a financial plan to Pasadena? I NEEDED that shirt. Notice the past tense.

As the day wore on, I realized, thanks to Steve Tannen, I had fallen into the very same trap we’ve all been warned not too. What happened to Winning The Day? Thankfully, I was able to free myself from the trap in less than 2 hours, so I get a pass. But, let it serve as a reminder to all of us, this is the time to really focus on one game at a time. In the words of one of my favorite Ducks, Daryle Hawkins, “There are many steps to getting to that National Championship”.

So with that Duck fans, let’s focus on tomorrow’s faceless opponent: Washington State.

You may recall last year’s game in Seattle against the Cougs. Yes, I said Seattle. The game was held at Century Link Stadium, while WSU’s stadium was being renovated. The game was a little too close for Duck fan comfort- 32-21. On paper, this game looks to be a mismatch, but don’t forget, it did last year too. Win The Day,  Win The Day, Win The Day.

Things to Watch

1. Flying Balls & Interceptions

Looking at this year’s stats,  (don’t worry, I won’t bore you with the details) it appears the Cougs like to pass quite a bit and their QB has thrown WAY too many interceptions. That should mean Oregon’s defensive back crew- Ekpre-Olomu, Mitchell, Dargan and my personal favorite, Brian Jackson, should have a hay day.

On the other side of the ball, expect to see a solid passing game from Oregon (Yeah!). Oregon State was able to slaughter the Cougs last week 52-24 with a very strong passing performance by OSU QB, Sean Mannion. The Ducks should have it just as easy, as long as they are prepared.

2. DAT:

After interviewing De’Anthony this week, it’s apparent he’s getting a laugh at all the “will he play, or will he not?” attention he’s been getting the past couple of weeks. He is clearly walking fine and seems to be in good spirits, but I get the sense, he’s just playing it safe. I think he could play if he had to, but since he hasn’t had to, why risk getting a more serious injury and losing the possibility of earning millions in the NFL. My guess is he’ll dress down, but again stay sidelined until next week when the stage will be much bigger.


3. Marcus Mariota:

After last week’s stellar performance in front of a very big audience, Marcus Mariota’s Heisman stock sky-rocketed. I know he’s focused on the task at hand, but I’m sure that aside from making it to the Natty, Oregon wants nothing more than to add a Heisman winner cherry on top.

4. Pink

Last but not least, this will be a perfect opportunity for some girly football pics. If you forget your camera, we’ll have you covered. Our gg photographer will be there early to capture some amazing shots of those stunning hot pink helmets!!! I know Breast Cancer awareness is way more important, but it’s also pretty cool my beloved ducks will be wearing gridirongirl colors for the first time in school history. Thanks Nike Inc.

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Go Ducks



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