DAT Says He Will Play Against UCLA

I just returned from post-practice interviews, where De’Anthony Thomas made a last minute appearance, after several media outlets had already left. Thankfully I stuck around.

Thomas chatted for a few minutes and did let us know he “should play this Saturday” against UCLA. Thomas has been out for a couple of weeks after injuring his right ankle in the slosh-fest against Cal. He said he felt better this last week and was pretty close to playing against Washington State but felt he should wait one more week. When asked when the decision was made about him playing, he said, “We still looking for it, it’s still early in the week, so we’ll see what’s going on”. When asked again if he had already said he’d be playing, he simply responded, “Yes.”

When asked if he was worried about getting hit after being out so long, he said, “When I’m in the game, I don’t really get hit that much,” unintentionally earning laughs all around.

With ESPN’s College Gameday headed to Autzen this weekend, this should make for the kind of flashy re-entry I suspect DAT is looking forward to.

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