SEC In a State of Chaos

Well, well, well, what a mess you have made of things SEC teams. Now more than ever it is looking like Alabama will take on Missouri in the SEC Championship game in Atlanta. How in the world did that happen?

Well, it all started yesterday with the Georgia game. As you all know, I am pseudo-Georgia fan. They are my second favorite team because I spent many nights hanging out in Athens in my younger days. I have family in Georgia and I always have my eye on the bulldogs. That being said, I could not believe my ears when I heard Vandy was leading the Bulldogs right out of the gate. There was a turnover which UGA capitalized on and the score was 24-14 going into the half- making me feel pretty comfortable. Lo and behold special teams started making a mess of things until the game went down to the wire. Vandy prevailed, beating the Dawgs 31-27.

What else could possibly go wrong? Well, the South Carolina Gamecocks fell to Tennessee. Yes, you read that sentence right, go back and read it again, I know… it’s shocking. There isn’t much more to say about that but feel free to stay in SHOCK.

Finally, I settled in to watch Texas A&M and Auburn. Of course even though Auburn is Bama’s biggest rival, they still hail from the greatest state in all of college football (Alabama) and I would just love to see anyone and everyone beat Johnny Football, so I was cheering for Auburn. Those boys did not disappoint one bit as they gave Johnny and his team all they could handle. It appeared they were beating the crap out of them considering all the injuries taking place. I admit a couple of those, including Johnny’s own shoulder injury, looked a bit faked for a minute- at the very least very dramatic exits. They were so desperate to beat Auburn, they put an injured Manziel back in the game. I almost felt sorry for the kid. Almost. When it was all said and done, the Auburn Tigers beat the daylights out of TAMU in College Station 45-41. I do believe there were some tears shed.

Next up, Alabama took the field and as I predicted made mince meat out of the Arkansas Razorbacks, with the defense not allowing a single point for a final score 45-0. I was oh so happy this was not another one of the SEC upsets of the day.

Last, but certainly not least, the Ole Miss Rebels were out for blood after coming off a loss to our friends at Texas A&M last week. So much blood in fact, they made one of the strongest teams in the league look like pussycats instead of tigers. Crazy enough, Bo Wallace’s smack talk worked out for him and they beat the LSU Tigers 27-24.

So where does this leave us? Alabama still has to play Auburn and LSU. And who knows what could happen to Missouri next week!?! It could be another win for them if the Gamecocks continue to play like they did on Saturday. Things are definitely in a state of chaos right now. I would love to hear your predictions! How do you think the rest of the season will go for these teams?


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