The Auburn Hangover

Man, that one hurt.  Not gonna lie.  The Alabama loss was easier to take knowing they were #1 coming into the game and would be leaving #1.  But Auburn? Really?  That one stings.  And given the results of the rest of the country’s games, the Aggies could have landed in the top 5.  Yes, this hurts.

So, where do we go from here?  As Coach Sumlin always says, we take 24 hours to feel bad and then move on to the next one.  Vanderbilt comes into town in five days on the heels of their BIG win against Georgia.  I have a feeling that they will come ready to play.  The Aggies are a 17.5 point favorite right now, but given the results of the last 2 games, it is hard to read too much into that.

My thoughts on the game:

Johnny proved once again how much heart he plays with.  Injured and in obvious pain, he came back out and did all that he could to win the game for the Aggies.  He just needed a little bit of help, which he didn’t get.

Mike Evans.  Man, this guy has only played three years of football. In. His. Life.  Think about that. Only three years total.  Now in seven games he has 43 catches, 1,024 yards,  and 9 TDs. Hello,  Biletnikoff – give it to him!

A&M Leads the SEC in 20+ Yard Plays with 56.  Johnny has some major targets in Evans, Kennedy, Walker and Labhart.   We just can’t keep praying they score enough points to win every game; the defense has to make the stops that they are not making.

Defense.  Where to go with this one.  Everyone is down on the defense right now (understandably) and it is hard to watch when the offense is so talented right now.  Here’s the deal though.  They are YOUNG and INEXPERIENCED.  There is nothing the coaches can do during practice to change that.  The only way they get better is to play more games.  There are freshman playing where freshman ideally should not be playing.

Here’s a little interesting tidbit for those of you who may not understand the game of recruiting:

A&M’s 4-Star Defensive Recruiting:

2010: 2

2011: 2

2012: 2 (only 1 still on team)

2013: 7

2014: 7 (not finished)

So, what this means is that Mike Sherman did not recruit high level defensive players. Why? There could be several reasons, but I’d say one is because we were in the Big 12.  Now, the Coaches are recruiting SEC talent, and it is exciting to be watching it happen.  Love waiting for those “YESSIR” tweets!    But, it is going to take a couple years to get them to SEC-playing level.   All those who are ready to jump ship over the defense will have a change of mind in a couple years.

And on that topic, with the emergence of Johnny Football, the Aggie fan base got spoiled. Quick.  If everyone takes a second and thinks back to what we all said when we first heard about the move to the SEC:  that is would be a painful few years, but once the recruiting classes caught up, we could be on top.  Texas has always produced some of the top high school players in the country, and now they could stay in Texas and play in the SEC.  We are already seeing that happen in the 2013 recruiting class and the commits they have gotten so far for 2014.   Without Johnny, that is where we would still be.  It is so easy to forget that when you have a dynamic player like him on your team.   The talent is there.  It really is.  These are young, athletic, gifted guys.  They just need more playing time.

Here are a couple things to know about me:

1)      I will always support the team. Win or Lose. Always.

2)      I will never bash a player, or group of players, on the team. People need to remember that these are young men who are doing their best, not just bodies down on the playing field.

3)      I will always be proud to be an Aggie.  Win or Lose. Always.

Now – let’s get ready to BTHO Vandy!

Thanks and Gig ‘Em

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