After an upset loss to Tennessee, South Carolina now to face Missouri

This past Saturday the Gamecocks had a huge upset loss to Tennessee, an unranked team. It was not the Gamecocks that us fans know, and love to watch. It was an awful game, and in all honesty our defense still needs a lot of work. The game winning points scored for the Vols were by Michael Palardy with a 19 yard field goal to win 23-21. Conner Shaw left the Gamecocks on the field with about five minutes left in the game. Shaw had been sacked by Marlon Walls and Daniel McCullers. After the game, Steve Spurrier stated that Shaw has a sprained knee and will be taking it easy, but will hopefully be back for Missouri.

Mike Davis was the player of the game for the Gamecocks. He had 137 yards rushing and 1 TD on the board ending the 17-7 deficit after halftime. Shaw had his first interception of the season, ending 177 consecutive passes without getting picked off. The statistics were all around better for the Vols. Tennessee had 18 first downs and SC had 17. Tennessee had 179 passing yards and SC had 166. Tennessee was 19-36-0 on passes and South Carolina was 8-2-1 on passes for the game. With statistics like these, the Gamecocks have got to get it together before Saturday when they take on Missouri Tigers, #1 in the SEC East.

Although the Gamecocks may be #2 in the SEC East, it’s going to be one hell of a fight if they want to give Missouri their first loss. Missouri (who upset Georgia) is ready to play and represent the SEC East in the SEC title game. If Carolina wants to have a chance for that title, they better get it together. Steve Spurrier is a tough coach and has the heart to drive the Gamecocks to the title, but it’s all about the boys this Saturday, and how well they are willing to work on and off the field. It’s an away game for the Gamecocks so they really have to bring it all they’ve got to take on the Tigers.

The Game is scheduled for this Saturday, October 26, at 7pm E.T. The game will be played in Memorial Stadium in Columbia, Mo. As of now Missouri stands at No. 5 (7-0, 3-0 SEC) and Carolina stands at No. 21 (5-2, 3-2 SEC). Hopefully Carolina will pull out a win. Every week it’s like we see a new group of guys on the field for the Gamecocks, so who knows who will be facing off to Missouri come Saturday.

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