Jeryl Brazil; off the team in 4.32

Alright ladies, I am climbing up on my soapbox for a moment here. As a college football fan who completely adores players like Jeremy Hill and Zach Mettenberger (who also have past allegations on their record), I am sad to report I do not feel quite the same about Jeryl Brazil, LSU’s freshman running back who was arrested earlier this week for battery and property damage.

Woah, ok, that was kind of an intense way to start, but I feel pretty intensely about this specific incident. As a female who was raised by a tough mom who did not settle for any man treating her badly, it gets pretty deep under my skin to hear allegations of a man on my favorite football team grasping a girl by the throat and throwing her down before punching a hole in her apartment wall.

Witnesses corroborated her side of the story and police found Jeryl in the same apartment complex later that night and placed him under arrest. Brazil has admitted to punching the hole in the wall but has yet to admit to the battery charges.

Early in September, he was issued a misdemeanor for a fight outside of the school dining hall with a fellow (male) student which makes this his second legal issue in less than two months. That gave Les Miles the push he needed to make the statement that Brazil will be suspended from the team “indefinitely”. Miles has also been quoted saying that it is Brazil’s job and responsibility to handle this issue on his own. This kind of drama is just the sort of thing an intelligent head coach would like to keep off of his team, and Miles is making it a point to do just that.

Jeryl Brazil has only played in one game so far his freshman year, and did not make the trip to Mississippi for the LSU vs Ole Miss upset game due to the problem at hand. But before all this trouble, Jeryl was known for his speed and defensive back abilities on the football field. Originally recruited to LSU as a defensive back, Jeryl made it clear from the beginning he had the speed to be able to run the ball too – running a 4.32 40 yard dash and coming just shy of the school’s record 55 yard dash.

Those stats make it even harder to accept that the future of LSU’s running game just got himself kicked off the team for behaving rashly. And yes, I believe he should get the help he needs to manage his anger better and should definitely pay for treating a woman the way Jeryl allegedly did. But, I still wish we could see him on the field in the fall after all our graduating talent leaves LSU’s field for the NFL or for their future careers. So long Jeryl Brazil, talent like yours should never be taken lightly. 🙁

As always, love purple and live golden. Remember to treat others how you would like to be treated and prepare yourselves for our game this upcoming Saturday, as LSU is favored by 47 points to win, and that is some great news!

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