ESPN's Herbstreit's Family Loves the Ducks


ESPN College GameDay’s, Kirk Herbstreit, talks to local media at the University of Oregon Campus October 25, 2013. Photo Credit: Russ Long

It’s no secret ESPN College GameDay has fallen in love with Eugene and its Ducks- at least, that’s what we all like to think right?

This morning, I joined other local press and talked with Kirk Herbstreit (My personal favorite by the way), who brought along his absolutely adorable Mini Me.

As you can imagine, many of the questions thrown his way had to do with well… how much Herbstreit really loves Eugene and just what he truly thinks about the Ducks. His answers made me all the more of a “Herbie” fan.

“Wherever I’d go and I’d be asked like this by people in florida state, or Georgia or alabama, Where’s your favorite place to
go? I’d say, Eugene, Oregon.”

So what exactly does Herbstreit like about Eugene? The fog,  the appreciation people in Eugene have for GameDay, the passionate fans and “Going for a run by that river.”

We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see Corso’s pic, but it was definitely apparent that Herbstreit is on the Ducks’ side. He said he believes Oregon is one of the best two teams in the country and Mariota is his Heisman front-runner. Turns out his family has adopted the Ducks as their second favorite team-next to Ohio State of course.  Herbstreit, who doesn’t usually bring his kids to the show, decided to bring his 7 year old son, who sat quietly watching the press conference, to Eugene this visit “Because he loves the Ducks.” I asked Herbstreit who his son’s favorite player was.  Yep, you guessed, it. Marcus Mariota. Good pick lil’ Herbie. Turns out they’ll be picking up a #6 Jersey as well. Also, not a bad choice.

See Video Here

herbie kid

Herbstreit’s 7 year old son wears his Oregon gear!

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